This is 2020

We live the exact same life, but we make different decisions setting us apart.

You can either choose to be supportive or you can think people are disgusting because of who we love.

You can either try and help them live or you can kill them because of the color of their skin.

You can either tell them to eat or tell them to starve because of the shape of their body.

We are stupid but more importantly we are human and that automatically makes us different, so stop trying to kill and put people down because they are different then you.

In grade school we were taught that different is better because if we were all the same it would just be boring but then we hate everyone because they’re different than us.

The decisions that we make are idiotic but we think we are genius, the things we think makes sense make absolutely none like how someone has the right to live but someone of a different color can’t even breathe the same air.

We all have skin on our bones.

Stretched, scarred, black, white – it doesn’t make us better than each other. It makes us the same. We don’t get rated on a scale of 1-10 and we don’t get higher numbers if we have a certain skin. We don’t have numbers pinned on us. Making someone better than you because they have a higher number.

This is NOT how we live. I wish we were the colors of the rainbow. I wish we had red and blue skin.

I hate being told that you are white and you are black meaning there is a line between that you cannot cross.

People just don’t understand that we live life on the same grass, road, dirt, and water.

We share it all but according to the sick minded people of this world that’s not acceptable.

For us to thrive and live we can’t kill each other.

We have to fight the people who think this is a game; the more people they kill, the better the world will be. When they are just creating angels and it’s not that person’s time to go.

We can’t live like this and I won’t stand by it any longer.

People of color can’t do anything without being scared of getting killed or hurt.

Women can’t go out without getting looked at as objects. LGBTQ people are attacked for how they feel about someone.

I’m begging please make this stop. Help in every way you can this is not acceptable even when we get told it is…

This is 2020.