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Mike Gets Things Done: Water Main Cover Edition

Back on April 8th, there was a house fire just up the road.

04.08.2022 fire on S. Prospect St / Mike Henry Photo

The house was heavily damaged.

04.09.22 boarding up the broken windows / Mike Henry Photo

In the process of fighting the fire, the fire department had to disconnect the house from the electrical grid, and windows were broken. From what I’ve heard, no human was hurt but two cats perished.

There’s a GoFundme setup for a tenant of the property. They were working the nightshift when this went down and arrived to find everything of theirs was ruined. Check out the GoFundme for Elias.

As a consequence of the fire fight, the water main cover was damaged. At some point, a car ran it over and the cover flipped.

04.28.2022 Montague Reporter Police Log

Both myself and a neighbor flipped the cover over a few times but it was finally wedged up. I ended up calling the police for assistance since it was at night and I figured someone was going to get their tire shredded.

Does this look like it is only “popped out a little bit?”

04.09.2022 water main cover flipped / Mike Henry Photo

Well, it kept flipping over and we kept fixing it until it mysteriously disappeared. Problem solved.

04.23.2022 water main cover missing / Mike Henry Photo

Correction – it got worse – we have sharp edges!

05.02.2022 water main cover missing / Mike Henry Photo

I removed it from the road and tossed it by the guardrail.

05.02.2022 / Mike Henry Photo

I called the DPW and they referred me to the Water Department. A really pleasant person answered and assured me they’d take care of it.

05.02.2022 new water main cover installed / Mike Henry Photo

And, take care of it, they did.

Thanks to Water Department and, most of all, thanks me!

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